I Am Theatre: Don Shewey

Written by:
John Sullivan
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‘I Am Theater’

Video short about Don Shewey, in his own words
Produced by Theatre Communications Group
50th Anniversary Celebration, 2011 is proud to note that our New York theater critic, Don Shewey, is among 50 theater professionals chosen by Theatre Communications Group to discuss their work in an online video. Don’s video (above) is part of TCG’s “I Am Theatre” series exploring a cross-section of the people who create, participate in, fund, and interpret theater, produced as part of the group’s 50th anniversary celebration.

In addition to congratulating Don, we wish to recognize the dozens of reviews he has contributed to this site since he began writing for us in 2010. Don is that rare critic, a tireless observer who never loses perspective nor enthusiasm in the course of making the rounds of New York’s daunting variety of theatrical offerings, from Broadway to Lower East Side fringe. We salute him and look forward to posting his reviews for a long time to come.

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